A year of change….

We are Heather and Joe.
Over a year ago we made the decision to leave our old lives in England behind and embark on an adventure of Europe and beyond in search of freedom and pure enjoyment of life. After all, you only get one shot!
We had a crazy year of change, from leaving our apartment and jobs in Manchester to travelling the UK in our van selling goods at country shows to earn
funds as quickly as possible. This in itself was an adventure, we met people from all over the world selling their own treasures and travelling the world to do it. What a life!  

Living in our half converted van allowed us to save much quicker than of we had still been living in our flat in Manchester. We cut down on rent, bills and normal daily living costs. Our only outgoings were diesel, food and the odd trip to the pub! This allowed us to save money to travel.
By the end of the year we had enough money to fund our adventure and begin turning our old van into a fully functioning home.
We started working in freezing cold January (madness we know) but luckily it has been fairly mild this year.
It took 4 months of absolute slog to get it done. We became slaves to the van, not spending time or money on anything other than the conversion.

However, what was in January an aging and empty Mercedes sprinter is now a camper van with a little cooker, an LPG boiler (HOT running water!!), a mini fridge, a large shower area (bliss in a camper) and a wooden folding bed that doubles up as a sofa during the day. The van also has two windows and a tiled kitchen area with a sink. 

Neither of us liked the cramped feel of purpose built campers/ caravans and knowing we would be living outside as much as in we kept our home as spacious as possible despite all the amenities. Our campervan conversion was finally complete!

Getting the van finished became a real rush in the last few days having booked our ferry ticket for the end of the week. We were still painting hours before we left for Dover!!
We said goodbye to our families and headed for the docks late at night on the 1st May 2015 ready to hop on the ferry in the morning.
Ready or not, there was no turning back!

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