English Breakfast, American Diner and an Inland Beach! (week 6)

8th June
Another day spent in Mojacar. Joe went for a bike ride around the steep mountainous paths that rise quickly from the beach. We had more beers at The Rusty Nail before taking a refreshing sea dip and cooking some strange Turkey/Cheese/Chicken burgers which went bright pink when cooked. Very strange and unnatural. An unholy creation!

9th June
Another day spent by the beach in Mojacar. A Spanish couple had got their brand new campervan stuck in the sand so Joe assited as best he could! The first efforts were futile but and hour or so later another van with a towing rope offered to help. We managed to jack the van up and off the sand and put some big rocks under it for grip. It took some time and effort but eventually there van was saved.
We headed into Mojacar again and had a drink at a different bar and looked around the shops, which mainly sold tourist nonsense.
10th June
We parted with Mojacar today but not before having a full English breakfast at the Rusty Nail. After weeks of Muesli, pastries and other cereal for breakfast, it really hit the spot. We popped into the town of Almeria today and bought a pop up tent and a football before travelling to the nearby natural parc Cabo de Gato.

We stayed on the car park of a very nice beach. A hairy French man could not stop looking at the van and was disguising his glances with increasingly amusing acting. Whether he was impressed that the van had made it all the way from England or there was another reason for his glances, we will never know.

We woke halfway through the night to rain coming through our skylight. It was very heavy again and lasted for a couple of hours.
11th June
We needed internet access today so we first looked around St Jose but could not find anywhere with free wifi. We watched the fish in the harbour and had an ice cream before heading back to Almeria. Used the wifi and the returned to the Cabo De Gato beach for a swim.

12th june
Another day at the beach. More swimming and fishing.
13th june
We woke up to very windy wind today. Heather had burnt her back in the sun and did not feel to clever! We drove to Alemria for food and then onwards to the Tarbernas desert (actually a semi desert, the only one in europe). We stopped at a Spanish run American style diner and had some beers. The diner was like a museum of American tat, very entertaining. We had a few games of foosball before moving on.

14th June

We drove through a small national park today before stopping at Baza lake, a huge turquoise lake with its own beaches. We jumped in off the pier a few times and had a swim. The water was refreshing but not cold.  Whilst we were here, we met a Scottish couple who were on a long holiday/ buying a property in Spain.

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