6 Things We Miss About England

Top 3 things we each miss from England

Heathers Top 3
1. Climate
 We Brits bitch and moan about the climate all year long but I actually love our wild weather. I miss thundery rain showers that just won’t quit, freezing foggy mornings when you can see your breath and even the annual anti climax that is our summer. I actually wish it rained more, as a child I would spend all day everyday outside exploring the forests and farmland that surrounded us foraging for mushrooms and berries in lush green meadows, climbing trees and playing hide and seek in barly fields, there was nothing I loved more that a fierce thunderstorm!
I only wish we had real heavy snow in winter.
2.  Food
I like to eat. I miss all sorts of nosh and regularly crave the following (mostly junk only found at home)
-Hollands cheese and onion pies
-Kettle salt and cracked pepper crisps
-Tesco Finest fish pie
-Linda Mccartney sausage rolls
-Seabass (in short supply of expensive in the med)
-Lidl’s jalapeño and cheese snacks (if you haven’t already discovered these, they are 10 times better than Papa Johns)
-Spicy bean burgers
-Aunts Betty’s Yorkshire pudding (I am known to eat 12 of these and call it dinner)
-Chinese takeaways
-Hallumi cheese
-Sticky toffee pudding
3. A good old English Pub
I like all sorts of pubs from burly inns to the old rough sort with sticky tables and lingering smell of cigarettes from times gone by. There’s something rather special and unique about our British pub from the washed up eccentrics to a hardened landlady you don’t want to mess with.
  Southern Europe is all about outdoor lively bars with fast service and drinks that aim to cool you on hot summer nights. As much as I love the vibrant atmosphere in a Spanish tapas bar, every now and then my mind wonders home and I envisage myself in a old Cornish inn, good ale and a smouldering fire (perhaps there’s wild weather outside too)  It’s a nice picture right? And one I certainly miss! We are both looking forward to experiencing traditional taverns in Germany.
Joes Top 3 
 1. British ale
I miss the great variety of British beer from a dark stout to a pale ale. Perfect for the English climate but over here in the heat it would be just to heavy and you find your self turning to a refreshing European larger not that ale is available. We enjoy attending beer festivals and immersing our selfs in the home made culture that surrounds it.

2. Speaking our own language

Although it is often fun and part of the experience  of travel, it can be frustrating when you are speaking a language that you are not fluent in and cannot get your point across. It does make you miss being able to say anything you like and being able to ask for help or directions.

3. Rain

After three months of heat, I have to admit that I miss the English rain and its relentlessness. In the last two months here in Spain, we have seen plenty of thunder but no rain. There has been record temperatures and heat waves and some good old English summer rain would be welcome.

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