A Typical Spanish Supermarket

Even a trip to the local supermarket in Spain can be a novelty and the shops in Spain don’t dissapoint! We thought it would be fun to blog about some of the food on sale in the Spanish Supermarkets.

The choice of fresh fish at the supermarkets in Spain is immense, especially near the coast. The fish is extremely fresh and very popular. We have witnessed large queues with a ticketing system due to the high demand!

It is worth mentioning that the fruit and veg choice in Supermarkets in Spain is also great. Many things are produced in Spain.

Most supermarkets in Spain have a fresh bakery section with Croissants, Empanadillas and  custard tarts. These work like a pic and mix, meaning you can fill a bag and pay by the kilo.

Spanish omlettes, frittatas or tortillas? What the difference is, I can’t seem to work out but they taste very good. Apparently the Omlette/frittata is the most eaten meal in Spain and this is evident by the amount of these things sold in the supermarkets in Spain. They are available standard (with potato and onions), with chorizo or with spinach.

The Spanish delicacy Serrano Ham, usually has an entire aisle dedicated to it. It is a leg of pork dried in the mountain air, usually in the Sierra Nevada region. The smell hits you first and then the piles of legs and then the whopping price. The ham is usually served in small amounts as an appetizer however so it should last for a while!

The chips are a little different to the ones in England!

If you like junk food, or a cake or three for breakfast, you can buy mini cakes by the kilo in supermarkets in Spain. The selection is vast and there are many shapes, sizes and (artificial) colours to choose from.

The Eyewitness travel series always has great images of what to look for in terms of food in Spain and traditional products to look for on your trip to a Spanish Supermarket.

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