Abandoned home miles away from anything, El Choro

Having been lost for a fair few hours surrounded by arid and deserted land, we were looking for somewhere to pull in the camper and have a bite to eat when we spotted this beauty.
We were actually on our way to El Chorro to do the Camino Del Ray canyon walk but, having been lost at the time, I cannot say the exact location of this building.
Abandoned building spain
Over looking a huge blue lake, this beautiful derilict home stands miles (hours) away from any village, town or other building.  It was hard to imagine how someone could have lived here without any near by conveniences. Perhaps they were self sufficient and lived off their own land.
Graffiti covered the house, some of it being warning messages.
urbex abandoned hosue spain
We were able to walk in through the front door and were greeted by a half furnished front room.
Previous visitors had left their mark.
 Tiled stairs took us to the other three stories.
Small Mediterranean style windows offered views of the lake, and our waiting camper.


 Other than being a bit grubby, the house was in excellent condition. The kitchen was still full of crockery and a little bar stocked empty bottles.



 A fat little gecko basks in the heat passing in through a stained glass window.


The house is surrounded by out-buildings, suggesting a smallholding was once thriving here. Fig trees and grape vines have taken over the small court yard.
The cattle sheds were in a a state of disrepair.


There are many houses similar to this one abandoned in Spain, mainly found in isolated areas.
Since the development of the 80’s more and more people have settled in the cities leaving their homes and land behind. We often drive past entire farms complete with house and land, all completely deserted.

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