Go Pro Hero Review!

The Hero was my first GoPro experience. I have seen plenty of footage from the little cameras whilst browsing YouTube and the quality is outstanding however it is mainly taken from the Hero 3 and 4 models. When the Hero was launched at £94.00 I thought it may well be too good to be true. After reading through a few specs and reviews however I took the plunge and ordered one. Here is my review:
As a travelling couple, Heather and I are using this camera to capture all sorts of different shots. Cycling, swimming, jumping off of cliffs, visiting a zoo. We have used it in many different situations and it has held its own very well.
The camera itself boasts 1080p HD footage and 5MP screenshots. Unlike the more expensive Hero models, it has a case with interchangeable rear doors. A skeleton back door for better audio quality and a solid back door for waterproofing the camera. Both doors are included. No mounts are included (we recommend these) and neither is an SD card (pick this one).
The camera is very light, which is a  massive bonus when you strap it to your head.
The battery lasts for about 3 hours recording in 1080p. This battery life is very competitive with the more expensive Hero models due to the lack of a colour screen on this model.
The most important thing when purchasing an action camera is, of course, the footage quality. Here are a few examples of raw footage shot by us on our travels…

Note: Click the cog in the bottom corner of the video and select 1080p to see the cameras full quality.

As you can see, the quality is superb and I found it hard to believe that the camera had only cost me £94.00! The only gripe I have with the footage quality is that, with the super wide angle lens, capturing things in the distance is pretty difficult. Aside from that every other shooting condition is captured in flawless HD.

I would highly recommend this little camera for other travellers or anyone looking for a quality, affordable action camera.

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