Our House Sitting Experience so Far…

 Our house sitting experience in Spain
Before Joe and I set out, we had a few rough ideas on how we were going to make our budget last. We planned to take on local work i.e fruit picking and other agricultural work, teach English, get a bar job, get an online job, work exchange programs and if possible house sitting.
Luckily for us we have been rather successful so far and have landed various employments and even an amazing opportunity to take on a House sit in southern Spain.
This article is about our experience of house sitting in Spain…
 It is a self sufficient hand made wooden cabin located high in the mountains in the Rio Verde valley in Andulusia roughly an hours drive to either Granada or Malaga.

How we landed the job

 We found this particular job on Mind My House
 There are many websites out there that offer a similar service to this one. The site asks for an annual fee in exchange for access to contact details of proposed house sits advertisers. We didn’t join right away, instead we shopped around a bit before choosing which websites to join, some have more choice than others but this comes with stiff competition. There are many experienced house sitters online who make a living off this so be prepared to work hard for your place.
We decided to join two websites for around £18 and another for £45 afer 2 months of travelling on the open road.
Ours was advertised as a luxury cabin with four dogs to look after for the duration of two months, July and August. experience in solar energy needed, a car will be available for use.
We found this ad around a month before the sitting would commence and fell in love with the idea right away. We got in touch with the owner and arranged a meeting in northern Spain, the lady owner ‘Montse’ was very nice and instead of the meeting being a formal interview we just chatted over drinks and got to know each other a little.
A week later we received an email to say that we had been chosen out of 45 others to look after the cabin.
We had a month before the house sit would commence and decided to use our time exploring the beautiful region of Andulucia.
We were keen to see what our house sitting experience in Spain would entail.

Our first day

We arranged with Montse to meet in the near by village of Otivar so she could show us where to park our camper and pick up the car available for our use. It was an old BMW witch took a while to start, we cheered when it finally did and piled in. The trek to the cabin was a bumpy ride to say the least, hair pin bends that are so tight a 3-5 point turn is neccesarry and pot holes that are more like bottomless craters.  Up and up we went until the little village we arrived in looked minute,the ocean and surrounding mountains came into view.
We descended down a phenomenally steep hill (so steep that you are hanging in your seat belt) and were astonished by the beauty of the cabin and amazing views surrounding it.


 We could see for miles. It was hard to believe that not only did we have the privilege of visiting this place. It was going to be our home for two whole months…for free! This was a very promising start to our first house sitting experience.
We were met by four bouncing dogs with wagging tails.
We chatted for a few hours, Montse showed us the ins and outs and we wondered around the properties land and other buildings taking note of the many fruit trees and beautiful rocky landscape.
Montse shows us another vehicle we could use if we wished, an old Range Rover.
Before long Montse had left (her current home being 6 hours away) and we had the run of the house.



We settled in quickly, getting to know the dogs and working out where things are kept. Knives and forks, the mop, bedding etc.
We had a great first month at the cabin exploring the local area of Otivar and also our closest large town, Almunecar.
Otivar, our closest village is a peaceful place offering a few tapas bars and restaurants (a staple in any Spanish village no matter how small) a little supermarket and a shop selling locally produced honey.
The people are friendly and relaxed and life here is fairly slow paced.
Almunecar on the other hand is a bustling town packed with tapas bars, many boutique shops and a choice of supermarkets. There is lots to keep you busy here.
We visited the Junta De Los Rios twice (this place just 10 mins drive away from the cabin)


And Joe’s Mum and partner paid us a flying visit
We have certainly settled in and fallen in love with the dogs.
We have another month to go and will try to make the most of this fantastic opportunity.
here is our ‘cabin bucket list’ as you can see, we have lots to do yet!
There are housesitting opportunities to suit everyone and based on our house sitting experience so far, we would highly recommend it.
 Whether you want a weekend break from travelling or want to spend up to a year getting to know an area, maybe you want to experience city life or just sample the good life.
 Relaxed or chaotic, you decide.
This time, we chose relaxed.
Happy Travels everyone!

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