Junta de los Rios

Hidden away in the heart of the especially lush Rio Verde region, a few will be lucky enough to behold the beauty the Junta de los rios.

Literally translated to joining of the rivers the junta de los rios is a secret oasis of spectacular natural scenery, concealed insided a soaring canyon only 20 minutes drive down winding roads to the coast of the bustling almunecar.

Ariving at the entrance to the junta de los rios, one wonders what to expect when finding yourself paying a sleepy looking man inside a small brick build room contains a desk and a handful of leaflets.

Anticipation grows as you delve deeper and deeper into the valley via a rather bumpy dirt track.
On a busy day you will see 4x4s containing spanish families also descedning down the mountin side.
Roughly 5 km later you will find yourself in the heart of the canyon and hear the sound of rushing water (a rare thing in mid summer here in Spain).

Following a pebbly path up stream you soon find yourself waist deep in cool crystal clear waters. The walk quickly becomes a physical affair and a certain degree of fitness is needed to traverse the steep path leading up and along the cliffs surround the valley.

After about an hours walk surrounded by beautfiul greenery, including tropical fruits such as mangoes and avocados, you will arrive at a secluded pool surrounded by rock faces and fed by a large waterfall.

This is where the adventure truely begins as the more extreme adventurers put on helmets and safety equipment before working their way down through the river and back to the starting point. This involves jumping from cliffs into pools below, abseiling down rocky precipices and sliding through waterfalls (there is always the option to walk back via the path).

The Junta de los Rios is a beautiful and truely memorable day trip and is about and hours drive from Granada and an hours drive from Malaga. Entry costs 5EUR per person plus 5 EUR to park a vehicle.

Here is some footage of our day trip to Junta De Los Rios:

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