Our Day in Bordeaux

We were very excited to visit Bordeaux but  knew driving the big old campervan around the city centre would be a nightmare. With this in mind, we decided to stay a few nights at a campsite nearby (we stayed at Camping Le Village Le Lac).
The bike ride into Bordeaux was very pleasant and not too physically demanding. The bike routes were very clearly marked and very well maintained. Cycling in a big city in France doesn’t feel as risky as it does back in the UK.
As soon as we arrived in Bordeaux we were left breathless by the amazing architecture of the Place de la Bourse, one of Bordeaux’s most famous sites and is a great example of the 18th century architecture in the city.
The architecture continued to enthral us as we wandered around the streets of Bordeaux. It was almost like stepping back in time as we wondered the streets gazing up at the 18th Century buildings as landmarks.
The next thing we were drawn to in Bordeaux was the wide variety of boutique shops. The streets are occupied by unique and very stylish looking shops selling everything from clothes, cured meats, toys and glasses.
We visited the Cathedral which is, like many churches in France, stunning.
We had a glass of Bordeaux red and Bordeaux white wine at a bar near the cathedral. The wine was ok but it is worth mentioning that the wines in the supermarkets in and around Bordeaux are fantastic and very very cheap.
Finally, we could not leave without the obligatory walking on water photograph.

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