The best Go Pro mounts for travellers

A Go Pro isn’t much use without some quality mounts, especially if you are planning on swimming or cycling whilst filming.
These are our mount recommendations for the travelling Go Pro user:
1. Selfie Stick
Great for getting footage of yourself with amazing scenery in the background. A telescopic stick really helps to film in hard to reach places.
2. Float
A bright coloured float mount is perfect for swimming in the sea or jumping into pools. The Go Pro DOES NOT FLOAT so this is an essential precaution if you are planning to even stand near water with your camera.
3. Head Mount
This is great for filming almost exactly what you are seeing. It is comfortable as the Go Pro is very light. A head mount provides a great way to relieve your experiences or gives other people a chance to see your adventures as if through your eyes.
4. Handlebar Mount
Great for filming when on a bike. The mount I use is very secure and can pivot in all directions. This mount is especially useful is you like to film the route you are riding as much as the scenery.
5. Chest Harness
Good for filming walks or climbing whilst keeping your head and hand free. It also fits medium to large dogs (we tested it).

Afunta provide all these mounts and more on Amazon for a very reasonable price.


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