5 Really Cool Things About Germany

There were many cool things about Germany (this was not so cool). Here is our cheeky guide to the 5 cool things about Germany:
1. Fire Salamanders in the Black Forest
One misty morning in the black forest, I (Joe) went for an early morning walk and wee. During the act, I realised I was being observed by a black and yellow creature. I thought it was a snake at first but soon, after verification with Heather, realised it was in fact a Fire Salamander. Over the next couple of days, we saw a lot of these critters and even picked one up.
Fire Salamanders – Cool Things About Germany
2.  Aldi Pizza Dispenser
Probably not considered one of Germany’s top tourist attractions or one of their most incredible engineering feats, the pizza dispensers in Aldi blew us away. They are actually not only pizza dispensers but more like a baked god vending machines with a good mix of savoury and sweet pastries. Watch the magic here:

Backofen Machine – Cool Things About Germany

3. Stereotypical Germany
The few weeks we spent in Germany were in September and as such, the German stereotypes that all non-natives imagine were out in force. Leiderhosen and dirdles, beers in outrageous sizes, cookies, cuckoo clocks and hanging bagels. Just how common all these things are at other times of the years we do not know but it certainly felt like all the old German traditions were being stepped up for the celebration of Octoberfest. Along the Romantic Road, we also saw a number of picturesque German towns and villages.


German Traditions – Cool Things About Germany
4. Black Forest Houses
As soon as we entered the Black Forest region we were mesmerized by these houses. They have long roofs, which almost touch the floor, and are usually built so that the top floor can be accessed by horse and cart (or in the modern day, a shiny Mercedes Benz). We went to a living museum in the Black Forest that explained why the houses were so large. They housed animals in the ground floor, to avoid farmers being exposed to the elements, and stored hay and farming equipment on the top floor.


Black Forest Houses – Cool Things About Germany
5. Communication

The German languge was relatively easy to pick up (we were both complete beginners upon entering the country). The pronunciation was easy to grasp for us and people understood us without any issues. If there was something we couldn’t say, the German people almost always spoke English without any issues. Also they use the phrase Gute Fahrt which never failed to amuse us.

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  1. Fire Salamanders … Take care, they secrete a toxic substance that can make you very ill, or worse!

    The following is copied from Wikipedia:
    "Salamanders may actively defend themselves once they are grasped by a predator…S. salamandra adults are able to exude toxic skin secretions such as the neurotoxic alkaloid samandarin. This alkaloid causes strong muscle convulsions and hypertension combined with hyperventilation in all vertebrates. The poison glands of the fire salamander are concentrated in certain areas of the body, especially around the head and the dorsal skin surface. The coloured portions of the animal's skin usually coincide with these glands. Compounds in the skin secretions may be effective against bacterial and fungal infections of the epidermis; some are potentially dangerous to human life."

    You didn't pick up the salamander BEFORE your unfortunate events with the drugs police did you? Could be an explanation…..

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