Our Second Month of Housesitting

By month two, we were fully settled in having explored our local area, becoming familiar with local amenities and even had famiy visit us!
We had grown closer to the dogs forming a bond with them and wondered how it would feel to, one day soon, leave the cabin and the dogs behind. 
The last month flew by, we encountered our fair share of problems (cars breaking down, wheels falling off, replacing the camper windscreen) putting us out of action for several days at a time and meaning we had to cram a lot of the exciting stuff in at the last minute.
We visited malaga and explored granada

We visited some amazing caves at Nerja.

 and returned to visit the famous Alhambra

We spent time at the beach

 and more time visiting tapas bars for beers with free snacks.

After two months the cabin became a real home to us, we got into the swing of things and adapted to a new climate and more relaxed and sustainable way of living.
We learnt about solar power and how to properly conserve energy and even how to fix an alternator belt…
We made a few boo boos in the cabin that we were very nervous about revealing to the owners who came to take back over the house on the 31st of August. 
We spilt coffee all over a brand new fancy pants memory foam mattress and after a tyre punctured on the range-rover we had to damaged the locking wheel nut bolts to get the thing off. All of course were accidents and we tried our very best to fix the problems  but you can imagine how we felt about showing the owners..absolute dread! But as It turned out, all they cared about was being reunited with thier dogs. We breathed a sigh of relief and waved goodbye.
We left the cabin just a few days ago, both very excited to be back on the road in our cosy camper but knowing that  for years to come we will look back at our time at the cabin with fond memories.

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