Epic Polish Castle Tour!

Epic Polish Castle Tour

Krakow is a really beautiful place. Most Polish people will tell you this, as will most non-Polish people that have visited the city. We spent a couple of weeks in and around the city doing what tourists do in the area i.e Visting the Wieliczka Salt Mine, Visiting Auchswitz and of course enjoying the city itself.

Whilst in Krakow, we bought an Eyewitness Poland Travel Guide which alerted us to the existence of a trail of castle ruins just north of the city. As soon as we left Krakow we drove north, heading straight for the beginning of the trail (there is a great map in the guide book). The trail is a series of Polish castles that were built on a small crop of mountains, many were destroyed during the Swedish Deluge in the 17th Century. Nevertheless there are still some spectacular ruins along the route, made even more special by the surrounding scenery. One of the castles (the Bobolice Castle) on the trail has even been fully restored, resulting in a building Walt Disney would be proud of.

Our tatty map from the well-used guide book.

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We began our tour of the Eagle’s Nests at what is arguably the best castle on the route. It is known as the Ogrodzienieckiego Castle and was built in the mid 14th Century. All of its areas are still relatively intact and, with your entrance ticket, you are given an informative map. A nice bonus at this castle was the pub hidden away in the dungeons. It wasn’t an obvious money making scheme as you would find in the UK with extortionate drinks. It was a simple bar serving cheap beer and wine with a few cakes on offer and housed in a really cool location.

Pub in the Dungeon

There is also a torture museum at the castle which is good seeing as you don’t have to pay extra for it but, having just been in Czech Republic and Germany, we had seen a fair few torture museums already.

Iron Maiden in the Torture Museum

Next stop on our tour of the Polish Eagle’s Nests was the Olsztyn Castle which is spectacularly perched on top of a rocky outcrop, overlooking the surrounding countryside. Every year this castle is used for firework and laser shows and draws big crowds.

Next on the trail was the Bobolice Castle, arguably the prettiest castle on the trail but it has had a lot of money and work put into restoring it so it is not really a fair comparison! The castle has a guest house within its grounds and would be a really nice place to stay. It opens up at certain times in the day for guided and accompanied tours.
Bobolice Castle
Epic Polish Castle Tour
After seeing a few of the castles (there are about thirty to see in total!) we headed to the nearby Ojcow National Park to sleep and get a pint of Tyskie. The National Park is a great place to explore and has lots of weird rock formations and plenty of bats too!
Chapel in the National Park
A Road on the Eagle’s Nest Trail
WW2 Turret

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