The Best Travel Gadgets for 2017

The Best travel gadgets 2017

Gadgets are there to make life easier and when travelling the right choices can give of peace of mind as well as enhancing your travel experience. As we all know however space is a valuable asset when travelling and this makes selecting the best and most necessary gadgets an even more vital decision. Here is our advice on the best travel gadgets for 2017:

Smart Padlocks – Travel Gadgets 2017best travel gadgets 2017

Avoid the £350 Smart Suitcase and get yourself a budget (but equally as effective) smart padlock. These bad boys allow you to lock and unlock your luggage without the need of a key. This means no more worrying about your phone and keys, just concentrate on your phone. What makes this even better is that if your phone battery is dead (fairly likely at some point on your travels), the lock has a fail safe combination.

Solar Chargers – Travel Gadgets 2017

best travel gadgets 2017

Solar energy is becoming more and more accessible and, if you enjoy travelling to sunny destinations, you should really get a solar charger for your devices. These little gadgets are much more efficient than they used to be and will easily keep your phone topped up if you are in semi-decent weather.

Action Cams – Travel Gadgets 2017

Best Travel Gadgets 2017

These little beauties have been around for a few years now but the technology is ever improving. This entry level Topop Camera for example is under £70 and has full HD recording capabilities and built in wifi. Most action cams are also waterproof and allow you to record your adventures in ways that were very difficult just a few years ago. For those willing to spend more, the GoPro Hero is the smart choice.

Mobile Broadband – Travel Gadgets 2017

Best Travel Gadgets 2017

Hotel wifi can be sketchy at the best of times and data roaming charges can be ridiculous. The best way around this dilemma is taking a mobile router with you. Get an unlocked one with 4G capability and find the best sim deals where ever you are in the world. This TP Link model also features a screen so you can check on your battery life as you browse.

Bluetooth Speakers – Travel Gadgets 2017

Best travel gadgets 2017

What could be better than lounging in the sun on the beach? Lounging in the sun on the beach with some great tunes. This is easier than ever with the great range of Bluetooth speakers on the market now. This Likea speaker has the added bonus of being waterproof meaning that you can take it with you with added peace of mind.

Did we miss any gadgets that you think make travelling better? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. These are all great! I just got a solar powered charger for christmas and Im working on getting a go pro! Great list! 🙂

  2. How did I not know about Smart locks? Great list! I also always carry a battery-powered mosquito zapper if we’re in warmer climates -saves me a fortune in antihistamine lotions!

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