Christmas in Greece – Volos and Pelion

Christmas in Meteora

Almost a year has passed since we spent Christmas in Greece. We had reached a natural stopping point after heading south to find some winter sunshine and decided we would stay in a villa for Christmas and experience more luxury than we were used to in our camper van. The area of Greece we stayed in was the Pelion region; an arm of mountainous land stretching out from the city of Volos.

We had found the villa online, it belonged to an Englishman who had bought the place with his wife and done a lot of work to the property and its land. Reaching the villa was an adventure in itself and involved driving through an in-use railway tunnel. This was the only way to reach the building. The railway line’s original purpose was to move olives from one end to the other but it is now used for scenic railway trips for tourists.

Christmas in Greece
Driving through the railway tunnel
Christmas in Volos, Greece
The view from the railway line

We decided to have a very un-English Christmas day and opted for sea bass cooked on a BBQ. The weather was decent and the sun was present making it warm enough to eat outside comfortably.

Christmas Day in Greece
Blue on Christmas Day
Christmas in Greece
Christmas Lunch

After Christmas day, we decided to explore the area. A lot of the small towns nearby, such as Kala Nera, were mainly shut due to the time of year but we manged to find a few cafes to stop at and we walked along a few beaches. We explored Volos, which due to its size, was still very active and seemingly not affected by the time of year.

The weather soon changed. The snow came and the roads became mayhem. We went out for the day and struggled to get back to our villa. I made a snowman on the beach (a first).

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Christmas time in Volos Greece
My snowman on the beach
Christmas snow in Greece
The snow in one of the many villages on Pelion

We asked a local about where to go for New Year’s Eve and he wisely advised us to stay in due to the weather. Driving down the mountain into Volos or a nearby village would have been too risky. We therefore welcomed New Year in at the nearby cafe run by a local couple. We spent the evening with Richard, the owner of the villa, and Heather’s Mum and Dad.

Christmas in Volos Greece
The New Year Cafe
New Year and Christmas in Greece
The aftermath of New Year

After a succesful Christmas and New Year, we decided to go on a day trip to Meteora, one of the most visited and most impressive sights in all of Greece. It took us a few hours to get there, but it was well worth it, the scenery is amazing; huge stone pillars with old monasteries and churches perched on top. Just driving around the area is spectacular but we decided to get out and brave the cold by walking to some of the buildings.

Christmas in Greece - Meteora
Christmas in Greece
Map reading

Christmas in Meteora

The next day, Heather’s parents set off to fly back to the UK and we, having almost exhausted our funds, began an epic drive back to the UK.

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