Visiting the world’s best water park in Tenerife – Visiting Siam Park

Whilst enjoying some winter sun in Tenerife and welcoming in 2017, we thought it would be daft to miss out on visiting Siam Park – a huge water park which has recently been awarded Best Water Park in the World on Tripadvisor.

We were staying fairly near to the park on Torviscas Playa and chose to catch a ride on the free shuttle bus. The first bus was at 9:30 with the park opening at 10 so we aimed to get on this one with the idea that we would miss some queues by getting there early. The bus was slightly late but we still arrived at the park just prior to it opening. There were two large queues to get in; one for those with tickets already and one for people without tickets. The queue for those with tickets moved quickly but it took us about 15 minutes to get in and buy our tickets.

Tickets for the park cost 34 Euros per person on the day for entry to the park and all the rides. There are various upgrades including food and wet suits for winter but we opted for the basic ticket. Once inside the park we grabbed ourselves a large locker which was 10 euros but 5 euros of this was a returnable deposit. There was no queue when we got our locker but if you arrive later in the day be prepared to queue up for one.

We headed for some of the big rides first, again hoping to miss out on any queues that would form later on in the day. We started with Vulcano and The Dragon. These two are fairly similar, allowing four people to ride at one time and featuring big drops and high sided walls. We were impressed and eager to ride the next slide.

We crossed from one side of the park to the other (expect to do quite a bit of walking whilst at the park) in order to go on Singha; the park’s water roller-coaster. The ride seats two and is a great experience. Water jets blast you along and keep you going at high speeds. There was no queue when we went on this but it gets very busy at peak times. The nearby Kinnaree was also great, this one is a four seater with some huge rises and drops.

We managed to get on everything before the park got really busy but after that queues were large and meant waiting at least fifteen or twenty minutes to ride anything.

Joe went solo for the Tower of Power and was queuing for about 15 minutes. It is quite exposed in the queue for the ToP and got fairly cold. The ride itself was worth it. It only lasts about six seconds in total but is the most thrilling ride in the park.

After all this action we headed to the wave pool to catch some sun and get some lunch. This was the most queuing we did all day with the lunch queue taking up about 35 minutes of our day. The food is the standard fare you might expect with stuff like hot dogs and baguettes being served by the wave pool and more exotic Thai themed cuisine elsewhere in the park. Surprisingly the prices of the food are not sky high.

We made a video of our riding experiences on our GoPro Hero. The park allows you to film on a GoPro using either a head or chest mount. I did email them to check this first. They also stated that GoPro filming is not allowed on the Tower of Power or Naga Racer rides.

We would definitely recommend a trip to Siam Park if you are in Tenerife. It is worth the money if you will go on all or most of the rides. Our tip would be to buy your tickets before getting to the park and arrive early in order to avoid bigger queues as more people arrive later in the day.

Been to Siam Park? Let us know what you thought of it in the comment section.

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