Luton Campervan Conversion – Part Two

With each day that passes, we edge closer to completing our luton campervan conversion and hitting the road again. We have now completed our cladding, put our bed in place and insulated the entire van to, hopefully, keep us cool in hot places and hot in cool places.

So far things are going to plan. One of the main things to think about with a Luton Campervan conversion is how to insulate the van. With our van, we were pleasantly surprised by the material our van walls were constructed from. The material is called Correx and is basically a tough corrugated plastic sheet. This provides our van with decent insulation from the off, so we opted for simple polystyrene sheets to insulate the interior of the van.

luton campervan conversion - how to convert a luton van
The van coming along nicely.

Another massive decision to make with a luton campervan conversion, or any van conversion for that matter, is what sort of windows to install. In our last van, we skimped with the windows and installed two small, bonded windows. This time, thanks to finding a very useful caravan scrapyard, we have opted for four windows; all of which are taken from caravans and open nicely. We expected fitting these windows would be very difficult but it went surprisingly well albeit very fiddly!

The next stage of our conversion will involve fitting the solar panel and water tank, building our bathroom, fitting the laminate floor and more. It will certainly being to look and feel much more like a home in the coming weeks.

You can watch part two of our luton campervan conversion below! Be sure to subscribe for future updates.

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