Luton Van Conversion – Part 3

Well, it has been about five months since we started our Luton Van Conversion so we are now officially past our deadline. We are still within our budget just about but are more than ready to get going.

We have made massive progress since starting the project and now have running water, hot and cold, six windows in total, four fixed storage areas, two seats and a working kitchen. Really, we have everything that we will need whilst on the road but there are a few weeks of finishing touches to complete before we drive off into the sunset.

The major change from our last van which we felt were essential for this conversion have be taken care of. We have added a large 159 litre under slung water tank. This means no more carrying jerry cans full of water in and out of our van and being over cautious with water usage. We have also added a 230 watt solar panel to the roof of our van and have two 110ah leisure batteries which seem to be adequete for our needs in terms of off-grid power.

Van Conversion Luton Kitchen Camper

Over the course of our conversion, we have had lot of questions about how and why we did things and we plan to answer all these questions (and more) in an eBook when we finish the project.

We are looking forward to revealing the van in its finished glory over the next few weeks. If you are looking forward to it too then subscribe to our Youtube channel and follow us on Instagram and Twitter. For now, here is a video of our progress so far:




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