Free Mobile Roaming in the EU! Vanlife update.

We are currently in Germany sitting in our completed van in the middle of a forest and I am able to write this post thanks to the magic of mobile data and free mobile roaming in the EU!

When I say free, I do not actually mean free but rather that using your mobile anywhere within the EU now costs exactly the same as it would back home (if your home country is also within the EU). This means that our £20 top up allows us to call home, text home and even Skype home as long as we have either available credit or add-ons.

Whilst this is pretty amazing, it is not quite as good as it initially seems. Heather and I have a pack which gives “all you can eat”, ie unlimited data, back in the UK. In other EU countries however this is limited to 12gb a month. Each network provider has their own limits, which are called “fair use” policies. Because this is the case, it is worth scouting out the best deal for yourself. Which provider will give you the most data whilst you are travelling for the best price. Look at each provider’s fair use cap and not the actual amount of data you would be given in the mobile roaming in the EU

This new rule also applies to all islands off the coast of Europe so long as the nation they belong to i.e Sicily: Italy, is a member of the EU. This means you can be sitting in your van on an island texting your mates back home: pretty amazing times we live in right?

All in all though, this recent revelation of free mobile roaming in the EU has certainly made vanlife a little easier and we are hoping keeping on top of our blog will be a doddle this time around.

No more sitting in McDonald’s for three hours at a time with a single black coffee! 🙂 Let’s just wait and see how Brexit affects this for UK residents.

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