Abandoned Chateau – Epic Urban Exploration in Belgium

abandoned chateau miranda urbex belgium

Driving through Belgium, mainly on the motorways, we suddenly remembered that we had seen a lot of photos online of amazing abandoned chateau in the country. We did some quick research whilst driving and found, luckily, that one such building was just a short detour from the highway. We put the buildings location into our phone and continued onwards. We have always wanted to explore an abandoned chateau in Belgium and now we had the chance!

abandoned chateau urbex belgium

After exiting the highway, we went down some narrow country lanes that were a little dodgy in our van but, in the end, we made it to a spot in the woods where we could park. According to our map, we were close and the “private” signs spray painted onto trees were also a clue.

From our parking spot we had to scramble up a very steep bank and over a sort of barrier of branches. We were then on the old road leading to the chateau. The road was now covered in dirt and had been reclaimed by the woods, but its route was still clear.

We followed this old road for about 10 minutes. Not knowing what to expect. Some of the information we had found online stated that the building was half demolished and some information said the building had gone completely. Eventually, through the trees, we got a glimpse of the towering building. It was certainly part way to being demolished but it was still a beautiful building.

abandoned chateau belgium urbex urban exploration

After walking a little further, we found ourselves on the current driveway to the house. This route is obviously still used by the works vehicles that are in the process of demolishing the building.

The building, known as Chateau Miranda or Chateau Noisy was built in 1866 in Neo-Gothic style. Sadly, the turrets had been removed when we visited but the gothic style of architecture was still very apparent. The original inhabitants remained in the chateau until the Second World War, when the Battle of the Bulge took place around and even included the property, which became occupied by German Troops.

Later in its life, the now abandoned chateau was used by the National Railway Company of Belgium as an orphanage and holiday camp for sick children.

Not much evidence of this history still exists within the castle. Almost all furnishings have gone and many of the walls have been destroyed. As stated earlier, all of the turrets have been removed and are now strewn across what used to be the main driveway. Nevertheless, Chateau Miranda is an amazing building and, with demolition in progress, we feel lucky to have been able to explore this building before it is gone forever.

Whilst climbing the stairs to the uppermost floor of the chateau, we saw a Range Rover parked on the driveway outside. We quickly realised it was some sort of security guard doing the rounds and hid for a few minutes. He seemed convinced that no one was exploring inside and got back in his car and drove off. We decided this would be a good time to leave and headed back to our van the way we came.

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