Visiting Tanuta Vannulo to try Buffalo Mozzarella

Visiting Tanuta Vannulo

Heather and I love cheese and therefore visiting Tanuta Vannulo when passing near Paestum in Southern Italy was a must.
This farm is very popular with tourists as it is known for producing some of the best Buffalo Mozzarella in Italy. Better still, you can eat cheese that has come from these healthy looking beasts that very same day. There is a free car park on site right by the farm, café and shop.

Visiting Tanuta Vannulo
We didn’t get on a guided tour (these need to be booked in advance and finish by lunchtime) but looked around by ourselves.
The water buffalo were in there pens being fed after being milked earlier that day.
After being milked the milk goes to be turned into mozzarella. When all of the milk is processed that is it for the day and when all of the days cheese is gone, it is gone.

Therefore you should arrive before lunchtime to ensure you get to try some.
On site there is a café serving ice cream and paninis containing buffalo milk, cream or cheese but for the true experience you want to visit the counter hidden away just in front of the main car park. In here the mozzarella and ricotta is sold priced by the kilo.

Visiting Tanuta Vannulo

This is where the locals come to stock up and many in the queue in front of us were buying four or five kilos of the stuff! We bought 400g as keeping it fresh would not be easy in our van.
We made a Caprese Salad, layered mozzarella and tomatoes with basil and balsamic vinegar, and it was great. The cheese is mild and creamy but with an underlying taste of dairy goodness.

Visiting Tanuta Vannulo
We also made a pizza with the mozzarella melted on top; very good too!
Visiting Tanuta Vannulo is well worth it if you are in the area and enjoy a bit of cheese.

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