Walking to Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest

Hitler's Eagle's Nest

Well, we did have lots of photos to put in this article as well as a number of videos but Heather’s phone broke when she tried to take a photo of some fish underwater. It turns out her phone wasn’t waterproof.

We have a few photos on Joe’s phone so decided to write up our experience of walking to Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest anyway.

We drove from Berchtesgaden up to the Dokumentation Obersalzburg, a building which is now a museum on the Nazi SS but also acts as the departure point for the buses up to the Eagle’s Nest’s golden elevator. The drive up to the building had plenty of twists and turns but our van coped with it OK.

From the car park, there are a number of signposts directing walkers to “Kehlstein” which is the name of the mountain with the Eagle’s Nest on top. However, during our visit, their were works going on to the usual route and we were redirected onto a temporary route. We quickly got lost and found ourselves following a dried up stream up the mountain.

walking to hitler's eagle's nest
These are the signs to look out for!

Eventually we re-joined the correct path and zig zagged all the way up the mountain to the golden elevator and bus park. Most people here had simply parked at the Dokumentation building and rode on the bus up to here. We had been walking for a couple of hours and were very hot and sweaty.

Our improvised route…

We continued onwards and upwards and climbed the final ascent to the Kehlsteinhaus (Eagle’s Nest).

hiking or walking to the eagle's nest kehlsteinhaus
Eventually we rejoined the road

The views were spectacular but the building itself (now used as a restaurant) is nothing special and clearly only really attracts crowds of tourists due to its history and location.

Hitler's Eagle's Nest

After an ice cream we started our descent, this time sticking to the correct route. We had a look in the elevator shaft which was ice cold despite the temperature outside being 40 degrees Celsius. All in all the walk took us about 4.5 hours up and 2 hours back down to the car park.


The tunnel leading to the golden elevator

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  1. 4.5 hours up is impressive. Definitely worth it to see the view you enjoyed. But I hear ya; sometimes, even if the view is great at these elevated spots the building itself from where you enjoy the view is underwhelming. This seems to be the norm for many places I visit. Fab post guys.


    1. True and of course it is about the journey not the destination.

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