Our Day in Bordeaux

We were very excited to visit Bordeaux but  knew driving the big old campervan around the city centre would be a nightmare. With this in mind, we decided to stay a few nights at a campsite nearby (we stayed at Camping Le Village Le Lac). The bike ride into Bordeaux was very pleasant and not […]

Junta de los Rios

Hidden away in the heart of the especially lush Rio Verde region, a few will be lucky enough to behold the beauty the Junta de los rios. Literally translated to joining of the rivers the junta de los rios is a secret oasis of spectacular natural scenery, concealed insided a soaring canyon only 20 minutes […]

Go Pro Hero Review!

The Hero was my first GoPro experience. I have seen plenty of footage from the little cameras whilst browsing YouTube and the quality is outstanding however it is mainly taken from the Hero 3 and 4 models. When the Hero was launched at £94.00 I thought it may well be too good to be true. […]