Morella and Mojacar (week 5)

1st June After waking on an industrial estate, we decided that we would look for somewhere more picturesque to spend the day. We continued south and passed through a resort called Peniscola. It was too busy for us to park the campervan, so we continued onwards. We eventually found a place called Tarragona. It was […]

Free Food!

Foraging is something we both enjoy doing in England and hope to continue whilst travelling. So far we have picked mussels of the rocks in Dieppe which we cooked with garlic and champagne and served with a fresh baguette. We also found marsh samphire in Foret de la Coubre, which we ate raw (after giving […]

Some useful tips for driving in France

Some tips for English drivers in France: * Drive on the right (fairly obvious) *Carry spare bulbs, reflective jackets for all vehicle occupants, a hazard warning triangle and breathalysers. You will also need headlight deflectors fitted as right-hand drive vehicles headlamps are set up for driving on the left of the road. * Most A […]

Our first week on the road (week 1)

Had we not been half asleep I imagine arriving in Calais would have been rather exciting, despite the wasteland-esque landscape it was the first step on our journey and one big giant leap toward freedom on the open road. As it was, having driven till 3am the previous night and Joe having being ill, we […]