Vanlife Germany – What is it like?

Well aside from our incident with the police almost two years ago, our vanlife Germany experience in has been very positive!

The country, like many others in Europe, is set up extremely well for vanlife. Quite simply you can park where ever you like and will not be hassled. Even better still, there are many free “stellplatz” areas which provide you with somewhere to park, empty waste and are often situated in convenient locations for walking or visiting a town or city centre. These areas also have a place to top up water and many have electric hookup for a fee.

vanlife germany stellplatz
Parked in a nice stellplatz

We stayed in a few very nice areas on our way through Germany this time, one of which was by a nice park and had water and a waste emptying point. We also stayed in many spots that were not designated stellplatz areas but we had no trouble at all. A few of these were beautiful spots next to a river along the Alpenstrasse road. Very nice indeed.

In the few places motorhomes or campervans are not allowed to park overnight in Germany, there are signs making it very clear. Mostly the signs state that campervans are not allowed in the area between 10pm and 6am for example.

If, like us, you are in a big van, another bonus of vanlife Germany is that the roads are excellent. Even the roads in the Alps are excellent and will accommodate all but the biggest of campers!

vanlfie germany alpenstrasse
One of many beautiful German roads

If you have been on the road for a while and need to wash your clothes properly (and not in a river) you will find that Germany has laundrettes in many of its towns and on campsites. These become almost non-existent as soon as you cross the border into Poland.

We (in the true spirit of vanlife) did not try out any proper campsites but they appear to be of a high standard and offer all the amenities you would expect.

All in all Germany is a very easy country to live the vanlife. In fact we would recommend it as a good country to visit if you are new to the vanlife scene as you will not run out of fuel, food or water which is the aim of the game really!

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  1. Where do you get your water from?

    1. We topped up on water at the Stellplatz. It costs a euro for 100 litres. Sometimes you can top up at petrol stations too.

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